Puff Roll

Serving:- 1


  • Puff pastry/ Blätterteig
  • Onion leaves
  • Cheese- 1 slice
  • Fresh cheese/Speisequark- 1 tablespoon
  • Chilli powder- 1tsp
  • Salt-1 tsp
  • Mashed Potato – 1/2 No


Combine the mashed potato with salt and chilli powder.Take the puff pastry, the dough and spread the cheese (speisequark) and sprinkle the onion leaves, cheese, mashed potato.

Cut a length long rectangular piece of the puff pastry and roll it up to form a round structure. I heated it in a deep pan, on the stove at low flame. People with an oven can bake it, the result will be better.


I added sweet potato, which was ordinary so did not add that in the recipe. You can add it if you do not mind the sweet taste in a puff.


Tasty, Spicy Bread Crumbs/Bread Chivda


Have you ever wondered how tasty bread crumbs can be?

Servings:- Depends!!


  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Bread- 2 peices
  • Onion- 1/4th no.
  • Chili powder- to taste
  • Sugar-1/2tsp (optional)
  • Mustard Seeds- 1 tsp
  • Curry leaves- 1 twigs
  • Water – depends
  • Oil- 2 tablespoons


Cut the bread into pieces and sprinkle some water and then add salt, chilli powder, sugar and mix them.

Heat oil in a pan, add the mustard and curry leaves.

Then add the bread mixture into it and fry for 15 minutes.

Cook it with the lid and fry till it gets crunchy.

Aloo Samosa

Hot samosas with indian tea, there cannot be a better combination on a beautiful cloudy day!!

Servings:- Depends!!


  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • All purpose flour- 2 cups
  • Chili powder- to taste
  • Water – depends on the dough
  • Oil- 20 tablespoons (Dont worry all the oil is not going to be used up)


Make a dough from the all purpose flour and water. Make cone shapped structures of the dough.

Fill it up with potato fillings (mashed potato with chilli powder and salt) and cover and form


Heat the oil at high flame and put the samosas into the oil and fry till they become golden brown

Serve with a green chutney or red chutney or ketchup or any dip. Enjoy!!

Easy, Crispy Bread Fritters/Pakora

Servings:- 2


  • Chana dal flour- 2 tablespoon
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Bread- cut into slices
  • Chili powder- to taste
  • Water – depends on the paste
  • Onion-1/4 no.
  •  Oil- 2 tablespoons


Mix the ingredients, Chana dal Flour,Salt, Chilli powder, Onion together to form a paste.

Take a handful amount of the paste with the Bread and carefully place it into the oil.

Fry them and keep aside over a plate and serve with tomato ketchup, green chutney, red chutney or any dip.

Pani puff puri- using blätterteig

From Pani puff puri
From Pani puff puri

What is Pani puri? How to make pani puri? If you have still not known pani puri then tasting this dish might give you a hint to it.This is a mild substitute to the real pani puri. It can be helpful in Germany as Indian students.The ingredients are easily found and therefore can be made easily so that you dont miss home. 🙂

Pani puri is a delicious snack in India. You can get it almost every 5 kms and you just get addicted to its tangy, hot and sour taste. Since I have come to Germany I have not been able to taste anything close to it. So I decided to make it myself but just with a small twist, to make use of the things available here.Hence, the Pani puff puri!!!!


  • Blätterteig- 1 roll
  • Tamarind paste- 1/2 cup
  • Sugar- 1 cup
  • Ground cumin seeds- 1 tsp
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Chilli powder- 1 tsp
  • Hot water- 1cup


Roll out the blätterteig into the shape you want. Bake them or heat them on a pan. For the tamarind water, use the tamarind paste/chutney available at any asian grocery store, add hot water to it and let the tamarind dissolve. After it forms a semisolid paste/chutney strain out the pulp to remove the dirt from the paste and add the sugar, ground cumin seeds, salt, chilli powder and stir.


Add mint leaf paste to give it the real pani puri taste. Since its not easily available here I chose to make the tamarind juice alone. Also dates (ground to paste with water) can be used to reduce the amount of sugar and give the paste/chutney a thicker consistency.