Boondi ladoo

Boondi ladoo is a variety of the same chickpea flour ladoo/Besan ladoo.It needs some excess preparation.Servings:- 2Ingredients:

  • Chickpea flour- 8 tablespoon
  • Sugar-2 1/2 tablespoon
  • Water- 1cup
  • Butter- 1 tablespoon     

Preparation:- Make the chickpea paste with water to a consistency such that when passed through a sieve it will got through easily. In a pan, pour 10 tablespoons of oil. Heat it till the boiling point and then add the chickpea flour through the sieve. They will form tiny ball like boondis. On another pan simultaneously, heat the sugar and water till a sugar syrup like mixture is created. Keep adding the boondis, till into the syrup and let it cool for 5 minutes. Once it cools down, take small parts of it into your hand and make small balls of it.Tips:The making of the boondi might take some time to get used to. The trick is to get the right temperature so that the sugar is not too cold nor too hot.

From besan ladoo

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