“t20-Indo-German Tea/Chai”

From Indo-German Tea

I stumbled this recipe by accident. I was surprised when I was unable to drink my Indian milk tea early in the morning and more frustratingly was unable to find the reason for the lemony milky tea that was being formed every time I tried to make it. Suddenly found the reason. It was because of the following ingredient.

Gelier Zucker- It means jam sugar. Its a citric sugar for making cold drink and lemony drinks with a gelling agent. So be careful whenever you buy sugar in Germany. There are just too many different varieties.

From Indo-German Tea

With the suggestion of my friend, I decided to make an Indo-German lemon tea!!And incidentally its the simplest and fastest tea making recipe with just 3 ingredients. This contains pectin and not an animal gelling agent.


  • Water
  • Lipton tea/ any black tea
  • Gelier zucker.


Boil the water till boiling point and add the tea into the pot. In your serving tea cup add sugar and sieve the tea into it. Stir and Drink!!


Tastes better once cool. A good, cool summer drink. This sugar can be used for many different things. Will be trying the different things possible with it and update soon!!

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